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Charging Station

Charging Station

  • Intelligent Charging ManagementSupport wireless communication with unified system control of multiple devices; Fast charging with high current and constant current; Dynamic current charging supports real-time charging power statistics.
  • Convenient OperationDisplay the charging status in real time; Touch and human-machine interaction supports hand-automatic mode switching.
  • Safety GuaranteeWith functions of charge identification, access detection, disconnection protection, real-time temperature monitoring, intelligent heat management, anti-electrode exposure and object falling prevention, over-current and over-voltage protection and it has high flame retardant grade.


Technical Specifications


CSE( International Special Version)

Input AC Voltage



Some EU Countries:230V%50Hz

America 110V%60Hz

Input Rate


Output DC Voltage


Maximum Output Current


Output Voltage Error


Output Current Error


Output Voltage

Dynamic Adjustment Of Output Voltage

Output Current

Dynamic Adjustment Of Output Current

Overcurrent Protection


Over Temperature Protection


Wireless Communication

Dual-band 02.4G/5G,IEEE802.11b/g/n

Human-Computer Interaction

Touch LCD

Status Indication

Three Color LED Indicator

Charging Plug

Support Anti Reverse Connection And Good Contact Detection

Short Circuit Protection

2P 20A Leakage Protector

Working Temperature




Links to application examples

Pallet size adaptation

Serial No Parameter label Description(unit:mm)
1 W1 ≤190
2 W2 700≤W2≤970
3 L ≤1200
4 H Under the condition of 95~105: the maximum load is 800kg

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