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Pursuit of customer experience,
Realization of customer value.

Tuskrobots always insists on serving customers and pursuing customer value, sparing no effort to improve project delivery and after-sales service capability. We explore and extend the boundary of customer satisfaction, serving customers with effective organization, specification, technology and communication. We adhere to the customer-oriented concept with real actions, and we also continuously improve ourselves with customer feedback.

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    Pre-sales Stage

    Price negotiation of the scheme and order confirmation.

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    Project Implementation Phase

    Bespoke design, Production design, Material procurement, Factory testing and On-site implementation.

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    After Sales Stage

    After Sales Warranty.

After-sales Service

To match customer usage scenarios and customer requirements, there are a variety of service products of Tuskrobots products and systems for customization or selection in the after-sales stage. Choose the service plan that suits you, we will provide service of high quality. Let’s work together to improve the investment efficiency of equipment, so that the unitary logistics can be more efficient and more stable.

  • 7x24 Hours Remote Technical Support

  • On-site Maintenance Service

  • Preventive Maintenance Service

  • Peak On-site Support Service

  • Technical Training Services

  • System Upgrade and Maintenance Services

  • Accessories and Tools Kit

  • Annual Framework Service

  • 7x24 Hours Remote Technical Support

    Our technical support engineers will provide support 24 hours a day and 365 days a year whenever and wherever your system encounters a sudden or emergency situation. They can quickly identify the situation and provide solutions through telephone or Wechat guidance, network connection system diagnosis and other ways, to minimize the impact of abnormalities and restore use.

    System Upgrade and Maintenance Services

    In the process of use, we provide system upgrade services and routine system maintenance services to improve the system and reduce the risk of the system. We can also provide customized system diagnosis and upgrade periodically to improve system performance.

  • On-site Maintenance Service

    If the fault cannot be handled remotely, our technical support engineers can respond quickly and go to the site to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem at the agreed time until the problem is solved and normal operation is restored.

    Preventive Maintenance Service

    According to customer's different usage scenarios and conditions of use, we can develop a more suitable equipment preventive maintenance service content and plan, and the engineer will come to preventive maintenance service for you at the prescribed time, including the inspection of equipment and systems, internal inspection and replacement parts, lubrication and maintenance, etc, which ensures the high reliability and robustness of the equipment and system.

  • Peak on-site Support Service

    In the initial period of use or peak business hours, or when the replacement of maintenance personnel is on duty, we can provide on-site support services as agreed. Technical support engineers will provide operation guidance, on-site daily inspection and maintenance in the customer site, so that the production and operation of customers can be better guaranteed.

    Accessories and Tools Kit

    Customers can order original accessories and maintenance tools, or configure equipment packages of different specifications on the site to improve the efficiency of maintenance. We only provide high quality original accessories, sent throughout the world through cooperative logistics. Equipment packages of various specifications can be recommended or ordered by customers to meet your service security requirements.

  • Technical Training Services

    Technical training can transfer our product knowledge and service support ability to customer equipment engineers, so that our partners have the ability to quickly carry out equipment maintenance support, which is conducive to improve the stability and continuity of equipment use. Technical training is divided into software product use, exception handling, equipment use, equipment maintenance, exception handling inquiry, etc.

    Annual Framework Service

    After the warranty period, we suggest customers to take the annual framework service as first choice, which is convenient for resource planning and preparation. The annual framework service can be customized according to customer usage scenarios and conditions to better match customer security requirements. Within the framework of the annual service, we will provide 7X24 hours remote technical support services and routine system upgrade and maintenance services.

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