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Welcome to the Tuskrobots
Partner Programme

Tuskrobots focuses on each partner, helping you to quickly understand and master the product. We explore the market and interface with customers, finding opportunities to expand your potential customer base. From the project itself, we gradually move to customer experience, efficiency and value, creating new value for the ecological soundness of both parties from the perspective of win-win coexistence, forming a win-win cooperation and successive partnership, thus driving the development of the industry and creating more value for society.

Why Choose Us

We’re a reliable partner that lead your project to success with our expertise.

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    Nurturing and enhancing partners

    From products to solutions, from components to complete machines, we constantly provide training and carry out certification to support our partners in their transformation and upgrading towards scale, solutions and services.

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    Partners' business model

    Authorised according to different regions, the entire industry and products in the region are open to partners, while providing a variety of support measures to improve the efficiency of partners to carry out their work, treating all partners fairly and equitably, and protect their input and interests.

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    Tuskrobots's strengths and positioning

    Tuskrobots, the creator of the pallet robot, has developed and produced its own pallet robot with a unique product design, which combines robot and forklift series into one, perfectly realising "technology + practicality", helping to carry pallets inside the warehouse and realising large-scale unit logistics. It has been applied in 100+ projects worldwide, and is widely used in various industries such as automotive, new energy, 3C manufacturing, e-commerce, logistics and transportation, daily chemical, semiconductor and other scenarios.

Marketing Activities

A series of joint marketing activities with partners, such as industry exhibitions, summit forums and press coverage, create an ecological cooperation matrix, build a virtuous cycle of ecology and help partners quickly integrate into TUSK's innovative pallet handling robot intelligent handling system.

How to become a Tuskrobots partner

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    Initial contact negotiation

  • 2

    Presentation of interest

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    Discussions and qualification checks

  • 4

    Signing an agreement to become a partner

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    Tuskrobots provides training and assessment

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    Start of business

Tuskrobots Empowerment Measures

  • Basic Product Training

    Basic product knowledge training for partners who have never contacted the robotics industry or Tuskrobots products.

  • Programme Technical Training

    Technical training of partners' pre-sales or solution technicians on Tuskrobots solutions.

  • Industry-specific Training

    Industry-specific case studies and training on TUSK products are provided to partners with different industry attributes.

Unlocking The Full Potential Of Every Warehouse And Factory

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    marketing @tuskrobots.com

  2. Human Resources Email

    hr @tuskrobots.com

  3. Product & Solution Enquiries

    info @tuskrobots.com

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