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New Energy Industry

Driven by the new energy automobile industry, our country's lithium battery industry is continuing to grow rapidly, and lithium battery manufacturers have achieved the 6 Sigma standard. Production automation and digitization are the key support, and warehousing and logistics automation in the production process is also an indispensable part. It always can be seen busy TUSK robots in the lithium battery production workshop.

Customer Profile

Founded in 1995, the new energy enterprise has achieved comprehensive development by virtue of its research and development strength and innovative development model, and it has played a pivotal role in many fields such as batteries, electronics and automobiles.

Customer Pain Points

The material to be moved is heavy, and the manual work is intensive. Usually, two workers need to work together to complete the handling task for one ground cattle.

The Solution

Achievement of efficacy

Unlocking The Full Potential Of Every Warehouse And Factory

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