Why Choose Us?

  • 360°

    All-round obstacle avoidance protection

  • 1week

    Rapid deployment

  • 99.99

    System accuracy

  • 1200kg

    Direct pallet handling with a maximum payload of 1200 kg

  • 4:1

    Extremely light and narrow, loads up to 4 times its own weight

  • 1-2years


Autonomous Pallet-Handling Robot(APR)


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Autonomous Pallet-Handling Robot(APR)


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Know More About Tuskrobots

Tuskrobots is committed to empowering

China autonomous pallet-handling robots manufacturers and pallet handling robots suppliers

, making handling simpler and more efficient. It has introduced a globally unique and innovative intelligent robot product that is highly adaptable to international standard pallets for conveying and picking. The team members who are graduated from well-known universities at home and abroad have rich experience in the development and operation of robotics. The innovative products launched by our company have hundreds of patents and software copyrights.
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  • logistics industry

    In the logistics cycle, the plane handling with the pallet as the carrier is the main component, so the pallet robot has unique advantages.

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  • Automotive electronics industry

    The market's high requirements for customization and delivery efficiency have promoted the digital upgrade of in-factory logistics, and pallet robots are the first choice.

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  • Consumer goods industry

    The tobacco industry is undergoing a vigorous digital transformation, and intelligent pallet handling robots are contributing their own value to this industry.

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  • Pharmaceutical industry

    According to the special requirements of GMP in this industry, in order to avoid more pollution from external environmental factors, the investment in automation is relatively urgent.

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