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TUSKROBOTS APR has Passed CE Certification, Creating a New Standard of Quality in that Industry

TUSKROBOTS APR successfully passed the certification of SGS, becoming the first and only APR product in the world to obtain the CE certificate.

APR not only has its body passed safety certification, but its charging station and battery also have CE certification, fully demonstrating TUSKROBOTS' ultimate pursuit of product safety.

Successfully passing CE certification not only proves the excellent safety performance of TUSKROBOTS products, but also sets a new level of quality in the field of Autonomous Pallet-handling Robot, creating the first CE certification milestone for global APR.

CE - New Generation High Standards

CE certification, as a recognized safety certification mark in the European Union, is considered a "passport" for manufacturers to open and enter the European market.

This CE certification includes the MD Mechanical Safety Directive, RED Wireless Directive, and EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive. The MD Mechanical Safety Directive adopts the latest EN ISO 3691-4:2020 standard, and the system functional safety level reaches PLd, which is the EU's highest standard for robot safety.

Official Institution SGS

The entire certification process for TUSKROBOTS APR is undertaken by SGS (Society Generale de Surveillance S.A.). SGS is a leading inspection, appraisal, testing, and certification agency globally recognized as a quality and integrity benchmark, and also the world's largest and most experienced multinational group engaged in product quality control and technical appraisal.

As the creator of APR, TUSKROBOTS has formed a product matrix for E-series APR, F-series unmanned forklifts, and C-series lifting machines. This CE certification is an important step for TUSKROBOTS to enter the European market and accelerate its overseas layout.

In the future, TUSKROBOTS will continue to focus on technological research and product innovation, creating more efficient and secure solutions, and empowering global smart logistics transformation.

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