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3C Industry

Production in the 3C industry is characterized by many parts, complex models and high requirements for sorting. Electronic parts are updated quickly to avoid long-cycle inventory, so the timeliness requirement is higher. And electronic products are small in size, high in product value, light in weight which is easily damaged, so there are high requirements for operational safety in handling, transportation and storage.

Customer Profile

The client is a well-known 3C brand manufacturer in China, with products covering electronic equipment such as notebooks, desktops, monitors and other computer accessories.

Customer Pain Points

  • Inadequate docking of incoming and outgoing materials can lead to backlogs.
  • Manual perception of the actual state of materials is not clear, and cannot reasonably judge the time of issuing materials.
  • Manual workers are unable to plan routes reasonably, and the role of blind spots in vision can cause congestion in both directions.
  • The correct rate of material distribution relies on personnel management, resulting in incorrect distribution.

The Solution

Achievement of efficacy

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