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Logistics Industry

With the continuous development of the e-commerce industry, the characteristics of high frequency, short time limit, multiple types of products, large quantities and fast updates make logistics distribution have natural requirements for turnaround timeliness, convenience and diversity, which relies solely on huge-crowd strategy. Solving the efficiency problems of various promotions will result in wasted personnel and increase management costs. However, it is imperative to reduce costs and improve efficiency in the logistics industry. In the logistics cycle, the plane handling with the pallet as the carrier is the main component, so the pallet robot has unique advantages.

Customer Profile

The customer is one of the distribution warehouses of the domestic e-commerce industry giants, mainly covering e-commerce logistics and distribution services in major cities such as Guangzhou.

Customer Pain Points

  • High labour intensity for long distance flat handling
  • High labour costs and staff turnover
  • High safety risks due to blind spots and collisions

The Solution

Achievement of efficacy

Unlocking The Full Potential Of Every Warehouse And Factory

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