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Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is an important part of China's national economy, and it is a combination of traditional and modern industries, one, two and three industries as one, mainly including the special requirements of GMP of chemical raw materials and preparations, Chinese herbal medicines, antibiotics, biological products, medical devices, health materials and pharmaceutical commerce, etc, in order to avoid more pollution from external environmental factors, so the investment in automation is also relatively urgent.

Customer Profile

A listed pharmaceutical group with more than 20 research competence centres worldwide and 11 manufacturing sites across China. Focused on precision innovation in major therapeutic areas such as cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, digestive and metabolic, tumour immunology and neuroscience, which sustain the human health life experience.

Customer Pain Points

There are interruptions between processes such as formulation and infusion, repeated sterilisation, shaped carriers, manual-based material flow, the inability to interconnect equipment and the prevalence of information silos, all of which make industrial upgrading a more complex challenge.

The Solution

Achievement of efficacy

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