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E10-SLAM(SLAM + DM Code Dual Navigation Version)

E10-SLAM(SLAM + DM Code Dual Navigation Version)

  • No Assistance RequiredPallet handling directly by fork without any auxiliary equipment.
  • Load StabilityHigher stability by reason of loading with the vehicle body rather than the fork, no shaking.
  • High Load RatioCan load four times of its own weight.
  • High Adaptability Support dual navigation switching between laser SLAM and DM code, adapt to multiple working scenes.
  • Automatic ControlAutomatic flexible intelligent obstacle avoidance control.
  • Audible And Visual AlarmSupport high position light and voice prompt.
  • Multiple CommunicationSupport WIFI/5G network communication and seamless roaming.



E10 SLAM Dual Navigation

Basic parameter



1384.8×1102×170(Include The Protection Strip),The Height Of The Slam Component Is Adjustable;

Maximum Lifting Weight (kg)


Self-Weight (kg)

330 kg

Rotation Diameter (mm)


Fork Height (mm)

90(7MM Downward Floating Height With Loading)

Maximum Lifting Height (mm)


Pallet Opening Height (mm)


Display Screen

5 Inches

Telecommunication Modes

Default WIFI version: Support Dual-Band 2.4G/5G, IEEE802.11b/g/n (-5G Version Support 5G Communication)

Safety Protection

Obstacle Avoidance Protection

Front Double Laser Sensors + Rear Double Laser Sensors, 360°Obstacle Avoidance Detection

Detection Distance Of Front Laser


Mechanical Protection

Emergency Stop Button、Reset Button、A Protection Strip Around The Whole Vehicle Body

Caution Function

With Voice And Photoelectric Alarm Functions

Movement Capability

Navigation Mode

SLAM + DM Code Dual Navigation

The Speed With Zero Load


The Speed With Fully Loaded


Rated Acceleration


Stop Accuracy

±20mm /±2°

Movement Mode

Two-Wheel Differential

Maximum Clearance


Maximum Slope


Maximum Step


Maximum Slope When The Fork Extension Reach To The Maximum


Lithium Battery Performance

Rated Voltage




Battery Life

1500 Times (The bAttery Capacity Is Guaranteed To Be More Than 70% Of The New Battery)

Battery Endurance


Charging Time


Battery Type


Links to application examples

Pallet size adaptation

Serial No Parameter label Description(unit:mm)
1 W1 ≤190
2 W2 700≤W2≤970
3 L ≤1200
4 H Under the condition of 95~105: the maximum load is 800kg

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