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Can pallet robot detect stationary obstacles and dynamic obstacles?

Yes, the pallet robot can detect both static and dynamic obstacles.
pallet robots have achieved high-precision and highly reliable logistics automatic handling solutions through high-precision positioning and navigation, narrow channel applications, and low costs. They can automatically assign tasks, load and unload pallets, transport materials to designated sites, and charge them automatically. At the same time, in conjunction with the scheduling system, it can interface with ERP, MES, and WMS systems, achieving complete automation, unmanned, and intelligent internal logistics within the enterprise.

For obstacle detection, pallet robots usually use sensors and algorithms to detect surrounding obstacles, including static and dynamic ones. For example, they may use LiDAR or depth cameras to obtain 3D images of the surrounding environment and use algorithms to identify and track obstacles.

After detecting obstacles, the pallet robot will adopt corresponding obstacle avoidance strategies based on the type and location of the obstacles. For example, if a stationary obstacle is detected ahead, the robot may slow down and bypass the obstacle; If a dynamic obstacle is detected ahead, the robot may stop moving and wait for the obstacle to leave or bypass before continuing to move.

In summary, pallet robots have the ability to detect static and dynamic obstacles, which enables them to safely and efficiently complete tasks in complex logistics environments.

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