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Accurate docking | more than 70 Nanhai entrepreneurs visit Tuskrobots

On August 17th, General Chamber of Commerce in Danzao, Nanhai district, Foshan city and Nanhai Hardware Industry Association gathered more than 70 member entrepreneurs to visit Tuskrobots and held a special exchange meeting. Mr.Zhang Weizhong, COO of Tuskrobots, and his team warmly welcomed the visitors.

Tuskrobots is a technology enterprise in the field of intelligent manufacturing and logistics automation, taking the lead in launching a globally innovative and highly adaptable pallet handling and picking robot products. The core members of the research and development team come from well-known universities at home and abroad, with rich experience in the development and operation in the robotics field. They focus on the design and development of robot system solutions for large-scale cluster scheduling. The innovative products launched by the company have more than 100 independent intellectual property rights at home and abroad. Tuskrobots focuses on the field of pallet automation handling, and its products are used in many enterprises in electronics, automobile, pharmaceutical, tobacco, chemical industry, commerce and other industries, providing efficient and safe handling automation solutions for enterprises.

During the exchange, Tuskrobots made a detailed explanation on the market status and industry application of the logistics robot industry, the development history of the company and product characteristics, and showed the application cases of the company's products in related fields. Afterwards, the team went to visit the intelligent logistics laboratory, and He Zhenbang, manager of Tuskrobots production department, gave them a vivid explanation. The member enterprises have a strong interest in the company's products and conduct a lot of exchanges,  affirming the development of automation, intelligence and digitalization of the company.

Entrepreneurs visit the intelligent logistics laboratory

The member enterprises and Tuskrobots have in-depth discussion and communication on specific issues to enhance mutual understanding through this offline visit and face-to-face communication activities. The industrial chain docking meeting achieved fruitful results with 5 enterprises on the site determined their willingness for cooperation. This activity is an important measure to implement the idea of "what the government wants and what the industry enterprises need", and it is also an innovative move of the precise service of the industrial chain.


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