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Tuskrobots - the new generation of e-series large load pallet robots

In response to labour shortages and the ongoing impact of the epidemic, domestic manufacturing factories have made efforts to try to introduce intelligent handling robots to realize unmanned and intelligent upgrades in cargo transit and warehouse handling, and improve risk resistance and competitiveness across the board.
Tuskrobots has always taken the customer's perspective and persistently iterated on improving the performance of pallet robots. In order to meet the needs of some manufacturing customers for large weight pallet handling,Tuskrobots has striven to create a new generation of large load pallet robot E12DC2T with higher load capacity and better ground adaptability, to cope with more stringent and demanding scenarios.
Brand new design
Extremely distinctive industrial design with more brilliant lighting indications to showcase the industrial aesthetics of the pallet robot.
A new body design with real steel and iron, with a load capacity of 1200Kg, which has an increase of 20% compared to the previous generation, to meet the needs of some customers with large loads.
New chassis drive mechanism design, which easily cope with more ground challenges, and it has more flexible ground passability.
Key parameters
1. Dimensions: 1407 * 1130 * 325.5 mm
2. Robot weight: 300Kg
3. Max. running speed: 1.5m/s no load 1.0m/s full load
4. Navigation method: DM code + laser SLAM hybrid navigation
Inherited advantages
As always, the robot inherits the advantages of its predecessor. Its compact size enables it to operate in tight rotating spaces, while the robot body comes standard with multiple safety features such as 360° laser obstacle avoidance, audible and visual alarms, collision bar protection and 4cm ultra-low obstacle detection capability, ensuring maximum safety protection in mixed manual operations and it also ensures the safety of production operations.
Improved adaptability
The ground adaptability of the pallet robot has been comprehensively improved. The has improved to 10mm, the angle of the slope has increased to 3° and the undulation within 1 m2 has increased to 5mm. All in all, the robot's adaptability to the ground has been significantly increased.

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