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TUSK APR made its debut at PROMAT in the United States, attracting high attention.

Sailing off for the first time

On March 20, the biennial PROMAT 2023 International Exhibition on Handling and Logistics Technology kicked off at the McCormick Convention Center in Chicago, USA. As the largest exhibition of material handling and logistics equipment, systems and technologies in the United States, PROMAT has a strong presence in North and South America, and even in Europe, attracting thousands of well-known exhibitors from many countries and regions around the world. TUSKROBOTS made its debut with its innovative APR pallet robot, which attracted many foreign visitors, media and industry experts to stop by and exchange ideas and attracted widespread attention.

APR makes a splash with innovative technology

The APR pallet robot actively extends its fork arm to pick up the goods and steadily runs the goods to the designated storage area for unloading. At the same time, TUSK pallet robot can realize 360° obstacle avoidance detection, which has the advantages of high safety, narrow lane access and high load ratio.

Attracting attention and praise from all walks of life

On the opening day of the exhibition, the new and unique TUSK APR pallet robot attracted many visitors to the booth. They learned about the innovative technology, application cases and solutions of APR pallet robot from our staff on site, and our staff had business negotiation and interaction with them face to face, and established communication channels for further cooperation.

 March 20 - 23, 2023

 McCormick Place, Chicago, USA

 Booth No. N7939

 Welcome to visit our booth if you are at the show

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