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Tuskrobots Bosch project case presentation

Tuskrobots is a high-tech company in the field of intelligent manufacturing and logistics automation, pioneering the introduction of safe, efficient and highly adaptable autonomous innovative intelligent pallet handling robots. It has gained wide acclaim and typical applications in the industry. The commercial implementation of products cannot be achieved without customized solutions based on customer requirements. Tuskrobots ensures the realization of value on the user side through end-to-end integrated delivery for global control. Today, Tuskrobots focuses on automated pallet handling for a wide range of applications in the electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical, tobacco, chemical, machinery and supermarket industries, providing enterprises with flexible, safe and efficient handling intelligent solutions on a continuous basis.
Tuskrobots provided an intelligent logistics solution for Bosch, a Fortune 500 German company, whose previous in-plant logistics relied on forklifts, causing problems such as rising labour costs, high management costs, high safety hazards and untimely and sometimes erroneous updates of logistics information.
The solution provided by Tuskrobots at the time was to use Tuskrobots intelligent handling robots to save manpower, reduce management costs, eliminate safety hazards, integrate the dual flow of logistics and information, with advantages of intelligent transmission and automatic reporting with no errors, to increase the storage capacity.
Eight sets of intelligent pallet handling robots were supplied at the time. It runs on the package transport line and the finished product transport line of the Chinese manufacturing plant. The operation is now robust, smooth, intelligent and efficient, which has been well received by all departments of the user. The company has recently confirmed that it has ordered another 15 sets of intelligent pallet handling robots to further enhance the intelligence of its smart factory and achieve unmanned operation.
We are honored and proud to be recognized by the German-owned company, and we are inspired to move forward and persevere in our efforts to win more good reputation from our customers.
In order to continue to promote intelligent manufacturing and respond to user needs more quickly, Tuskrobots has implemented regional sinking services. Up to now, Tuskrobots has two R&D centers in Beijing and Foshan, and the domestic market is divided into three regions with several offices. On the track of intelligent manufacturing acceleration, Tuskrobots stays true to its original aspiration, strengthens its foundation, adheres to innovation, enables users and enables the industry, and works with partners from all walks of life to "walk to the future together", and write a new chapter together.
Tuskrobots Profile.
Ø Direct insert and pick pallet handling, no assistance
Ø Carrier body load, higher stability
Ø DM code positioning and SLAM compatible
Ø High positioning accuracy, low space requirements, high storage capacity
Ø 360° multi-sensor safety protection
Ø WIFI/5G network communication and zero- handoff roaming supported
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